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The Football Results – Listening Lesson (A1)

Are you a football fan? Do you know about the English Premier League? Have you ever listened to the football results in English? Practise your listening skills with this free lesson from Oxford Online English. It includes real football results; you will hear the names of football teams and the scores. This lesson is for elementary learners.

Listen to the full recording here:

There is no transcript for this lesson. The exercises will help you understand the recording one step at a time.

The Football Results – exercise 1
Listening skill: finding the words that you hear

In football matches, there is a home team and an away team. The home team are the team playing at their stadium, while the away team are visiting. When you hear the results, the home team is mentioned first. If you read the results, the home team is on the left.

Listen to the results and find the away team for each match. Move the teams into the correct place in the column on the right.

The Football Results – exercise 2
Vocabulary: numbers

In this recording, you hear the numbers one, two, three, four and five – plus the word nil, which is the common way to say zero in sports results.

Listen to the results again and complete the scores.

The Football Results – exercise 3
Pronunciation: intonation

Intonation is the way the voice rises and falls, like when you’re singing. The people who read the football results use intonation to show which team has won.

Listen to some examples, first with just the sounds, then the words.

The Football Results – exercise 4
Comprehension: identifying details

Now listen to the results one more time and answer five questions about the scores. This version of the recording has extra pauses to give you time to choose your answers. You can press pause at any time.

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