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What’s Your Name? – Listening Lesson (A1)

In this simple English listening lesson from Oxford Online English, you can learn some useful words and questions to use when you meet people. This lesson is suitable for beginners.

Listen to the dialogue at normal speed here:

or listen to a slower version here:

Man: Hello! What’s your name?
Woman: Hi! My name’s Marie.
Man: What? Mary?
Woman: No, no. Marie.
Man: Sorry, I didn’t hear what you said. Maria! Got it.
Woman: Err… no. Not Maria. Marie.
Man: How do you spell it?
Woman: M-A-R-I-E
Man: Oh, I’m sorry. My English isn’t so good.
Woman: That’s alright. What’s your name?
Man: Sorry?
Woman: What’s your name?
Man: Oh! My name’s Ben.
Woman: Nice to meet you.
Man: Yes, and you. Where are you from?
Woman: I’m from Slovakia.
Man: Pardon?
Woman: Slovakia!
Man: I’m sorry, I didn’t catch what you said.
Woman: Never mind… See you later!
Man: Oh, ok. Bye…

What’s Your Name? – exercise 1
Vocabulary: asking someone to repeat

Can you find five things in the dialogue which you can say if you didn’t hear what someone said?

Write two letters in each space to complete the missing words.

What’s Your Name? – exercise 2
Listening skill: dictation

Listen to five sentences from the dialogue and read a transcript of each one. There is one incorrect word in each transcript.

Re-write the sentences, changing the incorrect word so that your sentence is exactly the same as what you hear.

What’s Your Name? – exercise 3
Listening comprehension: understanding details

Answer five questions about things that the man and the woman say in the dialogue.

There are three options for each question. Choose the correct option each time.

What’s Your Name? – exercise 4
Grammar and pronunciation: contractions

When we speak, there are some common combinations of words that we don’t pronounce in full. We also write them as abbreviations in informal writing. These abbreviations are called contractions.

Listen to five contractions from the dialogue and identify the full grammatical form of the words.

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