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Photo Editing – Listening Lesson

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by Oli Redman on September 23, 2014 , No comments

Are you interested in photography? In this free English listening lesson from Oxford Online English, you can listen to a dialogue about photo editing, including useful English words and phrases for talking about photography and digital editing.

Man: What do you think?

Woman: It’s a nice shot1, but it needs some editing.

Man: Ok, that’s not really my thing2. What do you think needs doing?

Woman: Well, first of all you should crop3 it. I think there’s too much blank space at the top.

Man: Ok, like that?

Woman: Yeah, I think that looks better. Next, I think you should bump up4 the colour saturation5 a little, maybe add a bit of red. At the moment it looks a bit washed-out6.

Man: How do I do that again?

Woman: Click on the window on the right, yeah, that’s right. Now use the sliders7 to adjust the colour balance.

Man: There we go—much better!

Woman: Err… Well… I think you’ve overdone it a bit. Now it looks fake. Dial it back8 a little.

Man: Like that?

Woman: Yeah, I think that’s about right.

Man: So now what?

Woman: Save the file, and we’re done.

Man:What format should I save it as9?

Woman: Just as a JPEG is fine.

Man: Okay, done! I’ll email it across to you.

Woman: Great—good job!

    1. A nice shot = a good photo
    2. That’s not really my thing = I’m not good at this; I’m not an expert.
    3. Crop = make a picture smaller by cutting a part off
    4. Bump up = increase (conversational)
    5. Colour saturation = how rich the colours in the picture are. Higher saturation = richer colours
    6. Washed-out = colourless
    7. Sliders = something you use to increase or decrease a setting on a computer. For example, you might use a slider to control the volume of your computer.
    8. Dial it back = turn it down, decrease it (very conversational)
    9. The man wants to know what type of file he should save the photo as (JPEG, PNG, GIF etc.)

Can you match the words and phrases which have the same meaning?

1.  shot a.  change and improve a text, a photo or a video
2.  edit b.  not real
3.  overdo c.  empty
4.  fake d.  photograph
5.  blank e.  go too far, do more than you should have

Complete the sentences with one word

      1. The plane companies always __________ up their prices during the holidays.
      2. Don’t worry if it looks a bit grey—you can adjust the colour __________ on the computer.
      3. This program is really useful—it can work with almost every file __________
      4. What needs __________ today?
      5. I’m afraid working with computers has never been my ___________
      1. d
      2. a
      3. e
      4. b
      5. c
      6. bump
      7. saturation
      8. format
      9. doing
      10. thing
Oli RedmanPhoto Editing – Listening Lesson

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