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Making Holiday Plans – Listening Lesson

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by Oli Redman on April 6, 2015 , No comments

What are your plans for your next holiday? Where are you going, and what are you planning to do? Listen to two people talking about their holiday plans and learn some useful new vocabulary for talking about your vacation plans in this Oxford Online English listening lesson.

Woman: So, do you have any holiday plans for the summer?

Man: Yeah, I’m thinking of going to Wales for a week.

Woman: Wales? I’ve never been there. What’s it like?

Man: It’s pretty rural, so if you like the big city life, you won’t find much there. But the countryside is very beautiful, and the people are always really friendly.

Woman: Have you been there before?

Man: Yeah, quite a few times, actually.

Woman: So, what’s the plan? Are you travelling around, or staying in one place?

Man: I’ve rented a cottage. I’m just planning to do some hiking—Wales is quite mountainous.

Woman: Ooh! Sounds very exciting. Not my thing, though—I prefer a more relaxing vacation.

Man: What about you? Do you have any plans?

Woman: Well, I’d like to go somewhere hot and just lie on the beach for a week. I don’t really care where. I’m not sure I can get the time off work, though.

Man: That’s too bad.

Woman: Are there any beaches in Wales?

Man: There are, but you might not like them very much.

Woman: How come?

Man: They’re beautiful, but it can get very windy, and you wouldn’t want to lie on the beach—you’d get cold!

Woman: Hmm, yeah, doesn’t sound like fun to me.

Man: Well, each to their own…

Match the phrases with the same meaning

1. How come? a. Take annual leave
2. Each to their own b. Why?
3. That’s not my thing c. Different people like different things
4. Get time off d. I’m sorry to hear that
5. That’s too bad e. I wouldn’t enjoy that

Complete the sentences with one word. Use the text to help you—the words you need are all there!

  1. I’ve met her ________ a few times already.
  2. I don’t ________ care where.
  3. I’m ________ of applying for that job.
  4. So, what’s the ________ for tonight?
  5. I don’t like big cities—I’d prefer to live somewhere more ________.
    1. b
    2. c
    3. e
    4. a
    5. d
    6. Quite
    7. Really
    8. Thinking
    9. Plan
    10. Rural
Oli RedmanMaking Holiday Plans – Listening Lesson