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Giving Directions in English – Listening Lesson

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by Oli Redman on September 23, 2014 , No comments

If a tourist asked you for directions in English in your city, would you know what to say? Learn how to give directions and explain where something is in this free English listening lesson from Oxford Online English.

Woman: Excuse me?

Man: Yeah?

Woman: I’m sorry to bother you1, but I’m completely lost. Are you from here2?

Man: Where are you trying to get to3?

Woman: Well, I was looking for the art museum, but I think I’ve taken a wrong turn4 somewhere.

Man: I think so! You’re miles away.

Woman: Really? This always happens to me. Directions just aren’t my thing5, I suppose.

Man: I think the best thing is to take a bus. It’ll take ages6 if you walk from here.

Woman: That’s a shame… I wanted to walk around and get a feel for the city7.

Man: I wouldn’t worry—there’s nothing to see around here, anyway. Take the bus into the centre and walk around there—it’s much more interesting.

Woman: Oh, okay. Where can I take the bus?

Man: It’s about five minutes’ walk from here. You see that hotel, on the corner, there?

Woman: The one that says “Royal Hotel?”

Man: That’s right. Go down that street to the end, then turn right. Take the first left8 and go on until you see a junction9 with traffic lights. Go over the junction, keep going straight, and you’ll see a bus stop on your left.

Woman: Go to the end, first left, turn right at the traffic lights…

Man: No, no. Go straight on, past the traffic lights.

Woman: Oh! Yes, and then…

Man: It’ll be on your left.

Woman: Right! Got it10, I think…

Man: Well, you can always ask someone else. Good luck!

Woman: Thanks!

  1. I’m sorry to bother you = a very polite way to introduce a request or a question, often used when talking to people you don’t know
  2. Are you from here? = Are you local?
  3. Get in this sentence means “go” or “arrive”
  4. I’ve taken a wrong turn = I went the wrong way, so now I’m lost
  5. If something isn’t your thing, then you aren’t very good at it
  6. It’ll take ages = It’ll take a long time
  7. Get a feel for the city = spend time looking around the city, so you become familiar with it
  8. Take the first left = turn at the first street on the left
  9. A junction = a place where two or more streets cross
  10. Got it = I understand

Match the phrases and sentences which have opposite meanings

1.  I’m completely lost a.  I’m good at finding my way around
2.  Got it b.  I know where I am
3.  I took a wrong turn c.  It won’t take long
4.  Directions aren’t my thing d.  I don’t understand
5.  It’ll take ages e.  I went the right way

Complete the dialogue

A: So, how do I ________6 to the station?
B: Go ________7 this street, until the big shop
A: The ________8 with the red sign?
B: That’s right. Turn left there, then ________9 the second right, and you’ll see it
A: Is it far?
B: No, it won’t take ________10

  1. b
  2. d
  3. e
  4. a
  5. c
  6. get
  7. down/along
  8. one
  9. take
  10. long
Oli RedmanGiving Directions in English – Listening Lesson