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Working In An Office – Listening Lesson

by Oli Redman on April 20, 2015 , No comments

Do you work in an office? What’s it like? Are offices generally good places to work? In this free English listening lesson from Oxford Online English, listen to two people who work in very different companies talk about their jobs and where they work. You can learn useful new vocabulary to talk about working in an office in English.

Man: So this is your office? Wow, it’s really nice!

Woman: Yeah, typical tech company office, right?

Man: Is that a pool table?

Woman: Yeah. We have table tennis, too. Want a game?

Man: I can’t believe this. Do you ever do any work?

Woman: Sure, we do a lot of work! Sometimes you just need to take a break and clear your head, you know?

Man: You’re so lucky… You should see where I work.

Woman: You don’t like it?

Man: It’s just a cubicle farm. We all sit there in rows, no one talking to each other… It’s miserable, actually.

Woman: So why not move? With your background I’m sure you wouldn’t have to look too hard to find something better.

Man: I’ve thought about it, but I think if I put a couple more years in, I could move up in the company. If I leave now, the time I spent will have been for nothing.

Woman: If that’s how you feel about it, why would you want to stay? You really think being a manager would be any better?

Man: I hope so… Anyway, I don’t want to think about it any more. How about that game of table tennis?

Woman: Alright, but I should warn you, I’ve been practising a lot…

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Oli RedmanWorking In An Office – Listening Lesson