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Playing Cards – Listening Lesson

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by Oli Redman on October 15, 2014 , No comments

Do you enjoy playing cards with your friends? Can you name the cards and describe the rules of a card game in English? Learn how to talk about cards and card games in this free English listening lesson from Oxford Online English.

Man: So, how do you play again?

Woman: You have seven cards. Everybody plays in turn1. The highest card wins.

Man: And are aces high or low2?

Woman: High.

Man: Can I play any suit3?

Woman: No, of course not! You have to follow suit4!

Man: So then, if someone plays hearts, and I don’t have any hearts…

Woman: You can play anything. You can play a trump5, if you have one.

Man: I see. So I should try to win as many tricks6 as possible?

Woman: Yes, but don’t play all your winners straight away. You need to watch what other people are doing.

Man: Okay, let’s give it a go7!

  1. Everybody plays in turn = everybody plays one after another
  2. Aces are the card with one thing on. Sometimes aces can be low, meaning they are the worst card. Aces can also be high, meaning they are better than any other card.
  3. There are four suits in a normal pack of cards: hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades.
  4. Follow suit = play the same suit that the first person played
  5. Trump = a suit that beats everything else. For example, if clubs are trumps, and I play a trump, then I win, even if my card is lower.
  6. Trick = a card game consists of several tricks. In a trick, each person plays one card, and the highest card is (usually) the winner.
  7. Let’s give it a go = let’s try

Can you name the eight cards in the picture below?

english listening lesson playing cards

Complete the sentences with one word

  1. Whoever wins the most __________ wins the game.
  2. If he starts by playing spades, then you have to follow __________.
  3. If you play a __________, then you win, even if your card is lower.
  4. Are __________ high or low?
  5. Ok, let’s __________ it a go!
  1. joker
  2. jack of clubs
  3. three of diamonds
  4. queen of hearts
  5. ace of clubs
  6. five of spades
  7. king of spades
  8. eight of hearts
  9. tricks
  10. suit
  11. trump
  12. aces
  13. give
Oli RedmanPlaying Cards – Listening Lesson

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