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Checking In At The Airport – Listening Lesson

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by Oli Redman on September 23, 2014 , No comments

Do you ever use English when you travel – for holidays or business trips? This free English listening lesson from Oxford Online English will introduce some useful words and phrases to use when checking in at the airport.

Woman: Good morning, sir. Where are you flying today?

Man: Paris, via Dubai.

Woman: Can I take your passport?

Man: Yes, here you are.

Woman: Have you already checked in1 online?

Man: No, I haven’t.

Woman: OK. How many bags will you be checking2 in?

Man: Just one.

Woman: OK, put it on the belt3 for me, please. Hmmm, it’s a little overweight.

Man: Oh, really? I’m sorry…

Woman: No problem, I’ll let you off4 this time.

Man: Oh, thanks very much.

Woman: Do you have hand luggage5?

Man: No, I don’t.

Woman: Here’s your passport, and your boarding pass6. Gate number 25. You need to be at the gate forty minutes before departure.

Man: Thanks. By the way, do I have to pick up my bag in Dubai?

Woman: No, your baggage is checked through7 to Paris.

Man: Great!

Woman: Have a nice flight!

  1. You can check in for a flight, also into a hotel
  2. Future continuous is used here to show politeness
  3. Belt = conveyor belt: a machine used to move baggage around
  4. Let sb off = not to punish someone, a bit like “let sb go”
  5. Hand luggage (or hand baggage) is a small bag you can take on board the plane
  6. You can say boarding pass or boarding card.
  7. Checked through = checked in for more than one flight

Complete the sentences with one word

  1. You can’t take such a big suitcase on _________, you’ll have to check it in.
  2. Your luggage is checked _________ to your final destination.
  3. If your bags are _________, you’ll have to pay extra.
  4. Make sure you’re at the gate half an hour before _________.
  5. Direct flights were too expensive so I’m going _________ Moscow.

Can you match the words which have the same meaning?

6.  luggage a)      collect
7.  boarding card b)      baggage
8.  I’ll let you off c)      conveyor
9.  pick up d)      boarding pass
10. belt e)      I won’t punish you
  1. board
  2. through
  3. overweight
  4. departure
  5. via
  6. b
  7. d
  8. e
  9. a
  10. c
Oli RedmanChecking In At The Airport – Listening Lesson

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