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Tongue Twisters – English Pronunciation Challenge – Video

In this lesson, you can practice how you pronounce words in English with some challenging tongue twisters.

You can practice difficult pronunciation points such as ‘th’ sounds, ‘l’ and ‘r’ sounds, and consonant clusters.

You’ll see six tongue twisters, and you’ll hear each one four times. Each time, you should pause the video and try to repeat the tongue twister.

Each time you hear a tongue twister, it will get faster.

Look for the red highlights, which will show you the pronunciation point which each tongue twister is testing.

Ready? Let’s begin!

Tongue Twisters - English Pronunciation Challenge - dog in swing sticking tongue out

  • Both thieving brothers thoughtfully threw their teeth through the thousandth threshold.
  • Bo/θ/ /θ/ieving bro/ð/ers /θ/oughtfully /θ/rew /ð/eir tee/θ/ /θ/rough /ð/e /θ/ousand/θ/ /θ/reshold.
  • She sees the shiny cheese but she can’t choose which shoes suit her style.
  • /ʃ/e /s/ee/z/ the /ʃ/iny /tʃ/ee/z/ but /ʃ/e can’t /tʃ/oo/z/ whi/tʃ/ /ʃ/oe/z/ /s/uit her /s/tyle.
  • The four fur shirts were too short for the walk to work, so I burned them on the lawn where bored birds are born.
  • The f/ɔː/ f/ɛː/ sh/ɛː/ts w/ɛː/ too sh/ɔː/t f/ɔː/ the w/ɔː/k to w/ɛː/k, so I b/ɛː/ned them on the l/ɔː/n where b/ɔː/ed b/ɛː/ds are b/ɔː/n.
  • Fewer viewers fail to find waving wives while veiled whales favour flavoursome wines.
  • Larry rarely rolls his airy yellow lorry in really rural rallies.
  • The sixth stranger asked for extra stamps, and subsequently my square crisps exploded onto the straight street.
  • The si/ksθ/ stranger a/skt/ for e/kstr/a stamps, and subsequently my /skw/are crisps exploded onto the straight street.

How did you find that? Which tongue twister was the most difficult for you? Please let us know in the YouTube comments!

Thanks for watching this lesson from Oxford Online English!

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