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Shopping for Clothes in English – Video

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In this lesson, you can learn how to go shopping for clothes in English. Have you bought clothing in English before? You can learn some useful phrases that will help you when you go shopping in English, and see sample dialogues which show you the language in use.

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When shopping for clothes in English, these are the three things you should know:

1. Asking for Something

  • Do you sell _____________?
  • Do you have _____________?
  • I’m looking for _____________
  • Do you have _____________ in stock?

2. Asking for a Different Colour/Size

  • Do you have this in another size?
  • Do you have this in a size (8/10/12/…)?
  • Do you have this in another colour?
  • Do you have this in green?

3. Asking about Prices and Payment

  • How much is this?
  • How much are these?
  • That’s really expensive/cheap.
  • That’s a bargain!

Man: Hello. Can I help you?

Woman: No thanks, I’m just browsing.

Man: Okay, let me know if you need any help.

Woman: Actually, do you have any dresses in stock?

Man: Yes. Let me show you.

Woman: Hmm, I like this one. Do you have it in another colour?

Man: Yes, this dress also comes in red, blue, black, and green.

Woman: I’d like to try the blue one please.

Man: Sure. The changing rooms are over there.

Woman: Can I try this in a smaller size?

Man: Sorry, we don’t have any in stock left in that colour. Would you like to try another colour?

Woman: Hmm, I really like the blue one.

Man: We have a special offer: buy one get one free.

Woman: Really?! That’s a bargain.

Man: Yes. We have a lot of special deals on our clothing.

Woman: In that case, I’ll take the red one and the black one.

Man: Would you like anything else?

Woman: No thanks. I’ll just get this. Can I pay by card?

Man: Of course. Please enter your pin.

Woman: Hmm, what is my pin number? Oh yes.

Man: Please wait one moment. Sign here.

Woman: Can I get a receipt?

Man: Of course. Here you go. Thanks for shopping with us.

Woman: Thank you. Have a nice day.

Man: Have a nice day.

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