Privacy Policy

We will not sell, rent or give away any of your personal information.

We collect the absolute minimum amount of personal information necessary to let you use our site.

We keep permanent records of all payments made, classes booked and taken.




Payments by credit/debit card are handled externally, through PayPal. We do not process payment information on the Oxford Online English website, and we do not store credit card details. PayPal offers a wide range of protections for both buyers and sellers who use their payment services. You can read more details on this page.

Payments by bank transfer are handled by TransferWise. We do not store your bank details or other personal financial information on the Oxford Online English website.


Cookies and tracking


Like most other websites, uses cookies. You can change your browser settings to block cookies if you want, but you will not be able to use many features of our site without using cookies.

We use Google Analytics to track visitors to our website and collect statistical data. Google Analytics, which is widely used, only collects anonymous information, and cannot be used to identify or track individual visitors.

We also use an A/B testing service, which loads its own tracking script. The tracking script is used only to tell what version of a webpage you have been served, and does not collect any personal information.


Third party websites


The Oxford Online English website contains some links to external websites. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the contents or behaviour of any external websites, and also that external websites may have their own privacy policies, which may be different from ours.


Data Security


The Oxford Online English website is regularly patched and updated to protect against data breaches. All data is served using the https:// protocol, which improves security.

We undergo regular internal and external audits to ensure PCI compliance. This ensures that our website is following the most up-to-date security procedures to keep your payment details secure.

In the event of a data breach, we promise to inform all those affected with 72 hours.

OOE uses Cloudflare to improve performance and security. Requests to the OOE website are mostly (>99%) handled through Cloudflare servers.


GDPR Compliance—Your Personal Data and How it is Used


Oxford Online English is fully committed to complying with EU GDPR laws regarding privacy and data protection, regardless of where you, as a user of our website, may be located.

This means that we want you to know exactly what personal data of yours we hold, and what we do with it.

We store the following personal data for logged in users only:
– Your username
– Your email address
– Your Skype ID (if you provide it)
– Your phone number (if you provide it)
– Your WeChat ID (if you provide it)

We also store:
– Records of payments you have made
– Records of classes you have booked, including cancelled classes
– Notes on your study goals, materials used by teachers during the class, homework assigned, and other notes relevant to your studies.

We pass the following information to third parties:
– Your username
– Your email address

We send this information (username + email address) to Trustpilot, for the purpose of obtaining verified, unbiased reviews from our customers.

We do not share this information with any other third parties, nor do we share any other data with Trustpilot.
When you make a payment through the OOE website, all payment data is sent to PayPal for the purposes of payment processing.


Right to access your personal data


At any time, you can contact us and we will inform you exactly what data we hold, where it is stored, and why we are holding it.


Account deletion


At any time, you can contact us and demand complete deletion of all of your personal data from our website.
Records related to payments made and classes taken are necessary to keep for accounting purposes. However, the records will only contain your username after your account is deleted, and no other information will be retained.

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