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modal verbs

How to Use Be – 5 Levels – Video

Gina Mares January 30, 2020 11

In this lesson, you can learn about using the verb ‘be’, and test your English grammar skills!
Are you a beginner? Or, are you a high-level English learner who’s been studying for years? This lesson will have something for you whatever your English level is. You’ll see many ways to use the verb ‘be’, from the most basic uses to complex structures.

How to Negotiate in Business – Video

Gina Mares February 15, 2019 13

In this lesson, you can learn useful language to negotiate in business.
You’ll learn how to make your position clear, how to accept or reject the other side’s proposals, and how to express yourself in clear, professional-sounding English.
In this lesson, you’ll see a scenario where we’ll role-play a negotiation between a clothing wholesaler and a manufacturer’s representative.