Sam Gauntlett

Hi. I’m Sam. I was born in the UK, in Bournemouth, a beautiful seaside town, with seven miles of sandy beach and a favourite place for students to learn English. I have spent most of my adult life living in different places, though, working and living in the USA, Australia, Croatia, Turkey and Ireland.

I love the English language and have been teaching and writing for around 15 years. I believe that if you love what you do, you will do well at it and I enjoy sharing my passion for English with my students and helping them to find what they love about it too.
My university degree is in English and Film and my first teaching job was teaching film studies and short English and literacy courses.

After that, I spent several years working as a journalist and writer, then discovered teaching English as a foreign language in 2011 and took my CELTA qualification. Since then, I’ve taught English to students from 6 to 74 years old from all over the world. I have taught everything from general English at all levels, to business English and exam classes such as IELTS, FCE, TOEFL and TOEIC, speaking and pronunciation classes and, of course, writing.

In 2015 I completed my DELTA qualification, which I believe enabled me to gain a much deeper understanding of the process of learning languages and has made me a better teacher. My specialisms are exam preparation and academic English and one to one teaching. I believe in helping students become better students so that they are more able to study independently and to make the most of whatever course or study program they are on, so always try to share study tips and strategies when I think they could help.

The wonderful thing about teaching one to one is that as a teacher I’m guided by what you want to do and able to create a course completely tailored to your needs and interests. It’s a great opportunity to focus on the areas that you need to and for me to see you improve so much more quickly. The thing I most love about my job is seeing students grow and reach their potential.

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