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Model Band 7 IELTS Essay – Video

by Oli Redman on 13 December, 2017 , Comments Off on Model Band 7 IELTS Essay – Video

In this video lesson, you can see a model band 7.0 IELTS essay. You’ll see what the student does well and where the essay could be improved.

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IELTS Essay Question

Nowadays, international tourism is the biggest industry in the world. Unfortunately, international tourism creates tension rather than understanding between people from different cultures.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

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Model Answer – Band 7 IELTS Essay

As the price of airplane tickets has decreased over the past decade, the number of international travel has increased dramatically. International tourism has positive impacts on the relationship between countries and people with different cultural background. This essay will discuss how international travel has eliminated pressure and enhanced understanding between people from different cultures.

The idea that international tourism generates conflict between people from different countries is misconception. Conflicts and tension are created by the lack of communication. In the past, people could only hear and learn about foreign countries and people through news and history books filled with negative facts about foreign countries. These information not only creates unnecessary prejudice and bias against foreigners but also leads to conflicts between two countries. This is because psychologically people tend to easily develop prejudice against others who they never encountered or had personal interaction before and judge others based on biased information which leads to severe tension.

Travels to foreign countries will enhance the understanding of foreign cultures and decrease tension. International tourism will provide opportunities to have personal relationships and communication with people from different cultures. People will learn and understand the underlying meaning of foreign cultures and realize that all the stereotypes and bias are completely untrue through conversations and cultural activities. Furthermore, people will notice that there are more similarities than differences in our cultures, such as respect old people and value hard working, and this will reduce tension and increase understanding.

I completely disagree with the statement that international tourism will increase tension between people with different cultural background. This is because international travel will increase the interactions between people from different countries. These encounters will enhance the understanding of foreign cultures and diminish the prejudice which leads to conflict.

Oli RedmanModel Band 7 IELTS Essay – Video