How To Book A Class

Step One

Go to the book classes page.

Choose what kind of class you want to book, and click on the picture.

Step Two

If you have not already logged in, enter your username and password. If you do not have an account, you will need to register first – click on ‘register’ at the bottom of the login box.

Step Three

Choose your teacher by clicking on a picture.

Step Four

Choose a date and a time. Free times are marked in blue.

Step Five

Check the class details, read and accept the terms of service, and then click ‘confirm’ if you are ready to continue.

If you want to add more classes to your booking, you can do so now. Either add more classes at the same time by using the tickboxes and then clicking ‘add these classes.’

You can also add classes at other times by clicking ‘add a class’ at the bottom. You will be returned to the calendar page to select a date and time for your class.

Step Six

If you have bought a package, you will not see this screen. Your booking will complete and you will receive a confirmation by email.

If you haven’t paid for the class, you need to click on the PayPal button. Make sure your browser is set to accept 3rd party cookies. Log in to PayPal and complete the payment. Your booking will be complete and you will receive an email confirmation.

Oli RedmanHow To Book A Class