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Too Hot – Listening Lesson

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by Oli Redman on September 3, 2014 , No comments

Do you like hot weather, or do you prefer a cooler climate? Two people are trying to decide how to beat the heat—you can learn useful English words and phrases to talk about the weather and summer activities. Find out more in this free English listening lesson from Oxford Online English.

Man: It’s too hot! I’m sick of this weather1. When’s it going to end?

Woman: What are you talking about? It’s nice! What—do you want it to be cold and grey again?

Man: There must be a middle ground2

Woman: You just like complaining, I think. Why don’t we go to the beach for the day? We can sunbathe, swim a little if the water’s not too cold…

Man: Absolutely not! I can’t stand3 lying in the sun when it’s this hot. I get sweaty and then sand sticks to me. I don’t get how that’s supposed to be fun4.

Woman: So what are you going to do? Sit inside all day? It’s beautiful outside!

Man: Let’s go somewhere where it’s cool inside. How about ice skating? We could go ice skating.

Woman: No way! I’m not wasting a nice day like this. If you want to mope around5, go ahead, but I’m going out.

Man: Where are you going?

Woman: None of your business! You don’t want to come, so why should I tell you?

Man: Whatever. Suit yourself6.

Woman: Enjoy sitting at home in the dark.

Man: Yeah, yeah7. See you later.

  1. If you are sick of something it means that a situation which you dislike has continued for too long and you want it to change or stop.
  2. A middle ground means a position between two extremes. For example, in this conversation, the man is talking about weather which is not too hot or too cold.
  3. If you can’t stand something it means you really dislike it.
  4. …that’s supposed to be fun—the man is saying: “I don’t understand why people enjoy that.”
  5. If you mope around, you complain a lot and don’t enjoy yourself. It suggests that the man is choosing to be unhappy, and that he should cheer up and do something fun.
  6. Suit yourself = do what you want. The tone is dismissive and not very polite.
  7. Saying yeah (or yes) more than once shows an impatient or dismissive attitude. Again, it isn’t very polite.

Can you find words in the text with the following meanings?

  1. finish/stop
  2. cloudy and dark
  3. try to get a suntan
  4. a yellow material, a little like earth, which you can find at some beaches
  5. [I] don’t care

Can you correct the mistakes?

  1. I have sick of your complaining!
  2. Let’s not argue—I’m sure we can find a medium ground.
  3. Fine, don’t come with me—it’s your lose!
  4. That new film is suppose to be very good.
  5. It’s none of your job what I do with my time!
  1. to end
  2. grey
  3. to sunbathe
  4. sand
  5. whatever
  6. have sick of am sick of
  7. medium ground middle ground
  8. your lose your loss
  9. suppose to supposed to
  10. none of your job none of your business
Oli RedmanToo Hot – Listening Lesson

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