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Ouch, My Head! – Listening Lesson

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by Oli Redman on September 15, 2014 , No comments

This poor guy has hurt himself, and is complaining loudly! His girlfriend thinks it’s his fault, as usual. Learn some words and phrases to talk about a head injury, and injuries in general, along with pain in this free English listening lesson from Oxford Online English.

Man: Argh! Ow1!

Woman: What’s wrong? Did you hurt yourself?

Man: I just banged2 my head.

Woman: Are you okay? Is it bleeding3?

Man: I think it’s okay.

Woman: Let me check… No, I don’t think you’ve cut yourself. How did you do it?

Man: I was getting something out of that cupboard and when I stood up I banged my head on the shelf, there.

WomanYou’re always doing4 stupid things and hurting yourself! Why can’t you be more careful?

ManNot now5, okay?

Woman: Maybe you should put some ice on it?

Man: Ice? Why?

Woman: To stop it swelling up6.

Man: It’ll be okay. I might have a little bump7, that’s all.

WomanYou are impossible8! Why do I even bother?

Man: I thought I was the one who was hurt…

  1. Ow or ouch are words you can use to express that something hurts.
  2. I banged my head = I hit my head on something, e.g. a table or a shelf.
  3. Is it bleeding? = Is there blood coming out?
  4. The continuous tense here shows that the woman thinks the man does stupid things very regularly, and that she finds it annoying.
  5. Not now expresses impatience with the other person.
  6. Swell up = to get bigger
  7. A bump = a swelling on your head after you hit it, which looks a bit like an egg.
  8. You are impossible expresses her impatience and frustration with the man’s attitude.

Match the words and phrases with the same meaning

1. bang your head a. did you hurt yourself?
2. you are impossible! b. hit your head
3. it’s swollen c. get hurt
4. are you okay? d. you are very difficult!
5. hurt yourself e. it’s bigger than normal

Complete the sentences with one word from the dialogue

  1. I hit my head and now there’s a ___________
  2. If it’s swollen, then put some __________ on it.
  3. It’s not bleeding, so I don’t think you’ve ___________ yourself.
  4. You’re __________ doing stupid things.
  5. Why do I even __________?
  1. b
  2. d
  3. e
  4. a
  5. c
  6. bump
  7. ice
  8. cut
  9. always
  10. bother
Oli RedmanOuch, My Head! – Listening Lesson

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