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English Pronunciation Secrets – Video

What do you need to know to pronounce English well? Pronunciation includes many different ideas and skills. Find out more details in this free lesson.

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Weak Forms in English – Video

Learn about the pronunciation of weak forms in English with this free video lesson. You can learn which words have weak forms and how to pronounce them.

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More English Pronunciation Lessons

English Sounds and Spelling – Video

In this lesson, you’ll learn about English pronunciation and English spelling. You can see the difference between how you write a word and how you say a word....

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Intonation in English – Video

In this lesson, you can learn about intonation in English. How important is intonation? Let’s see. Look at a sentence: Do you need some help? By changing the intonation of…...

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Silent Letters – Video

Learn about silent letters in English with this pronunciation lesson. Improve your English pronunciation and spelling by learning how to find and pronounce silent letters in a word....

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Tongue Twisters – English Pronunciation Challenge – Video

In this lesson, you can practice your English pronunciation with some challenging tongue twisters. You can practice difficult pronunciation points such as ‘th’ sounds, ‘l’ and ‘r’ sounds, and consonant…...

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Sentence Stress – Video Lesson

In this lesson, you can learn about sentence stress in English. Stress means that you pronounce some syllables more strongly than others. There are many different types of stress in…...

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Syllables and Word Stress – English Pronunciation Lesson

In this class, you can learn about syllables and word stress in English. See how to count syllables and pronounce English with the correct word stress....

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Pronounce Verbs Ending -ed – Video Lesson

Do you know how to pronounce -ed endings in past verbs? Learn about the pronunciation of -ed endings and how to pronounce them correctly in this lesson....

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English Pronunciation of The Schwa /ə/ – Video

The schwa is the most common sound in English, and also the most important. Learn more about the schwa sound, and why you need it, in this free lesson....

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Understand Fast English Speakers with Elision Pronunciation – Video Lesson

In this lesson, you can learn how elision can help you to understand fast speech and also talk more fluently in English. Elision is when some words or parts of…...

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