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6 Things to Stop Saying to Learn English – Video

In this lesson, you’ll see six things we often hear from English learners we meet. We see them in YouTube comments. We hear them in classes.
Do you want to learn English and make faster progress? Of course you do! Learn 6 things to stop saying to learn English and improve!

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In this lesson, we’re going to talk about motivation in English learning. You’re going to hear some tips for how to manage your motivation and get better results from your…...

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Silent Letters – Video

Learn about silent letters in English with this pronunciation lesson. Improve your English pronunciation and spelling by learning how to find and pronounce silent letters in a word....

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Talking About the Weather – Video

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FCE Listening Exam Advice – Video

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Linking in English – Pronunciation Video

In spoken English, words are often pronounced together, without a space between words. Learning how words are linked can help your speaking and listening....

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English Pronunciation of The Schwa /ə/ – Video

The schwa is the most common sound in English, and also the most important. Learn more about the schwa sound, and why you need it, in this free lesson....

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Talking About Your Hometown – Video

Where do you live? Do you live in a small town or a big city? What’s it like? In this lesson, you can learn how to describe your hometown in…...

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English Punctuation Guide – Video Lesson

In this lesson, you can learn about English punctuation.You’ll see the most common punctuation marks in English, what they’re called, and how to use them.Using punctuation correctly is critical for…...

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Using Movies and TV to Learn English – Video

Learning English through TV shows or films can be both effective and fun. Learn some simple tips for using TV and movies to learn English in this lesson....

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IELTS Reading – Matching Headings Questions – Video

Learn how to answer matching headings questions in the IELTS reading exam. See tips you can use in matching headings questions for your IELTS reading test....

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IELTS Speaking Exam Part Three – Video

Learn about part three of the IELTS speaking test and how to improve your score in part three of the IELTS speaking exam in this video lesson....

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Airport English – Video Lesson

This lesson will give you useful airport English words and phrases you can use at the airport. When’s the last time you flew somewhere? Did it go smoothly, or was…...

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