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Talk About Health and Lifestyle – Video

In this lesson, you can learn to talk about health and lifestyle in English.
Are you in good shape? Do you have a balanced diet? Is your work-life balance healthy? You’ll learn how to discuss these health and lifestyle topics and other questions in this class.

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Using Colons And Semicolons – Video

Using semicolons and colons correctly can make your written English clearer, easier to read and more elegant. Learn more in this video punctuation lesson....

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How to Use Be – 5 Levels – Video

In this lesson, you can learn about using the verb ‘be’, and test your English grammar skills! Are you a beginner? Or, are you a high-level English learner who’s been…...

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IELTS Life Skills Exam Level B1 – Video

In this lesson you’ll learn about the IELTS Life Skills Exam Level B1. You’ll see what you need to do during the IELTS Life Skills exam, and how you can…...

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Talk About Nature – Visual Vocabulary Video

In this visual vocabulary lesson, you can learn to talk about nature, describe landscapes, and talk about countryside in English. Learn many helpful vocabulary words and phrases you can use…...

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CAE (C1 Advanced) Speaking Exam Parts 3 & 4 – Video

Learn about the CAE speaking exam, parts 3 + 4. You’ll learn how to do parts 3/4 of the CAE speaking test and how to improve your CAE speaking score....

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English Contractions – Pronunciation and Listening – Video

Contractions are important for English listening, as well as for your fluency in spoken English. Learn about English contractions and how to pronounce them....

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IELTS Speaking Band 9 Sample Test – Video

In this lesson, you can see a model IELTS speaking exam with band 9 language. You’ll see each section of the IELTS speaking test, and after each section we’ll highlight…...

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Talking About Smartphones in English – Video

In this lesson, you can learn how to talk about smartphones in English.You’ll see the process of buying a new smartphone. You’ll also learn how to describe the features of…...

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Weather Expressions – Visual Vocabulary Video

In this lesson, you’ll learn weather expressions in English. You’ll learn useful vocabulary and common patterns you can use to describe different kinds of weather....

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English Phrasal Verbs – Video

Phrasal verbs are verbs made of two parts: a verb and a preposition, like ‘turn up’ or ‘look around’. Learn more about phrasal verbs in this free lesson....

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Linking in English – Pronunciation Video

In spoken English, words are often pronounced together, without a space between words. Learning how words are linked can help your speaking and listening....

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Chairing a Business Meeting – Video

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to chair a meeting in English. You can learn business English words and phrases which you can use in your next meeting....

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