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How to Use Must, Have to and Should – Modal Verbs Video

‘Must’, ‘have to’ and ‘should’ are similar, but they aren’t the same. Learn what these verbs mean and how to use them correctly in this free video lesson.

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English Modal Verbs Guide – Video

What are modal verbs, how can you use them, and why are they important? Find the answers to these questions in this lesson.

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Can, Could, Be Able to – Modal Verbs for Ability – Video

Learn the difference between the verbs ‘can’, ‘could’ and ‘be able to’, and see how to use these verbs to talk about ability in this lesson....

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English Sentence Structure – Video

In this lesson, you can learn about English sentence structure. You’ll learn how to build different types of sentence structure and how to understand them. Having correct sentence structure in…...

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The Present Continuous Verb Tense – Video

Learn how to use the present continuous verb tense in English. You can see different meanings of the present continuous and how to use them in English....

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Adjective Order in English – Video

Learn about adjective order in English in this lesson. You can see how to use several adjectives with a noun in the correct order....

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Using Colons And Semicolons – Video

Using semicolons and colons correctly can make your written English clearer, easier to read and more elegant. Learn more in this video punctuation lesson....

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FCE (B2 First) Reading and Use of English Exam Part Two – Video

In this lesson, you can learn about how to do the Cambridge FCE reading and use of English exam. You’ll see what to expect in the FCE reading and use…...

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The Verb ‘Be’ – Video

In this lesson, you can learn about the verb to be in English. You can learn how to use to be in simple sentences and questions when you speak English....

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How to Make Complex Sentences – Video

In this lesson, you can learn how to make complex sentences of all types in English. Making complex sentences will help your English writing. By using a variety of complex…...

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How to Use the Past Perfect Tense – Video

In this lesson, you can learn about the past perfect verb form. What does the past perfect mean? When do you need to use the past perfect? How do you…...

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