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How to Use ‘Must’, ‘Have to’ and ‘Should’ – Modal Verbs Video Lesson

‘Must’, ‘have to’ and ‘should’ are similar, but they aren’t the same. Learn what these verbs mean and how to use them correctly in this free video lesson.

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English Modal Verbs Introduction – Video Lesson

What are modal verbs, how can you use them, and why are they important? Find the answers to these questions in this lesson.

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How To Use Commas – Video Lesson

If you want to improve your written English, you will need to know how to use commas correctly. Learn more about how to use commas in English in this lesson....

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How to Use ‘Would’ – Modal Verbs Video Lesson

Learn how to use ‘would’ in English. You can learn about the different meanings of ‘would’ in English, and how to use ‘would’ in spoken or written English....

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Using Should in English – Video Lesson

What does ‘should’ mean? ‘Should’ is a common word, but its meaning is not simple. Learn more about using ‘should’ in this lesson....

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Adjective Order in English – Video Lesson

Learn about adjective order in English in this lesson. You can see how to use several adjectives with a noun in the correct order....

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Using Colons And Semicolons – Video Lesson

Using semicolons and colons correctly can make your written English clearer, easier to read and more elegant. Learn more in this video punctuation lesson....

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Uncountable Nouns – Video Lesson

What connects the words: advice, knowledge, information and rice? The answer is: they are all uncountable nouns. Learn more about this topic in this lesson....

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The Present Perfect Verb Tense – Video Lesson

The present perfect tense (‘I have done…’) can be used in different ways in English. Find out more about how to use the present perfect in this lesson....

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Using Auxiliary Verbs for Emphasis – Video Lesson

Learn to use different auxiliary verbs (like ‘do’ or ‘will’) to add emphasis to what you say in English. Learn about emphasis and how you can use it....

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How to Talk About the Past in English – Video Lesson

In this lesson, you can learn how to talk about the past in English. Talking about the past includes many things. Do you want to talk about interesting experiences you’ve…...

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