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Everyday Problems – Visual Vocabulary Video

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In this lesson, you can learn to talk about everyday problems. You’ll hear a story of a bad day, and see different phrases you can use to describe everyday problems.

QUIZ: Everyday Problems

Now try to remember the words and phrases that describe the everyday problems in the lesson.

For questions 1 to 10, you will see a phrase to describe each problem and you need to write one missing word. The problems are in the same order as the lesson, and you will see a picture to help you. You can also click ‘Hint’ to see what sort of word to write and how many letters.

Questions 11 to 16 are a bit harder. They are phrases from the lesson, but in a different order and with no hints or pictures to help.

Questions 17 to 20 are even harder. You will need to write a word not used in the lesson, but related to the situations. There are some hints to help. Good luck!

Image of man with an everyday problem - missing his alarm

I slept horribly.
I was tossing and turning all night.
I had insomnia.
I finally got to sleep around five in the morning. But then…
I overslept.
I missed my alarm.
I slept through my alarm.
On the way to work, the traffic was awful.
I was sitting in traffic for an hour.
My car broke down.
I had to wait for an hour for the tow truck, and I was late for work.
At work, I got in a huge argument with one of my colleagues.
We have a big deadline coming up, so we’re all under a lot of pressure.
I was working late, and I spilled coffee all over some important papers.
I had to stay really late to finish everything.
I couldn’t concentrate and I got frustrated.
On the way home, I missed the last train.
I couldn’t find my keys.
I was locked out.
I finally got home, and saw that my flatmate had eaten my leftovers.
There was nothing to eat for dinner, and it was too late to buy anything.
Finally, to cap it all, I dropped my phone in the toilet.

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