English Study Advice Lessons

How do I improve my English? Many students want to know the answer to this question. Find out more about studying English and get English study advice on how to get the best results with this series of free English video lessons.

How to Understand Fast Speech – Video

In this lesson, you can learn how to understand fast speech.You’ll see how to understand fast English speakers more easily. You’ll also get a simple, step-by-step plan to improve your ability to understand fast speech in English.

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Improve Your English Reading Skills – Video

In this lesson, you can learn how to improve your English reading skills.
We’ll show you the number one mistake English learners make when they try to practice their reading in English, and how to avoid it.
You’ll see a step-by-step plan that you can use to improve your English reading skills, and we’ll give you several suggestions to improve your English reading level more quickly and efficiently.

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SMART Goals to Improve English Learning – Video

In this lesson, you’ll learn about SMART goals to improve English faster. To make progress in English, you need to think about your goals. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to set SMART goals, and how this can help you to learn English more effectively.

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Speak English With Confidence – Video

Learn to speak English with confidence in this lesson. Do you feel shy or nervous speaking English? Learn to sound and feel more confident in your English!

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How to Learn English – Video

What’s the secret to learning English? In this lesson, I’ll share four essential lessons on how to learn English more effectively and avoid wasting time.

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