English Study Advice Lessons

How do I improve my English? Many students want to know the answer to this question. Find out more about studying English and get English study advice on how to get the best results with this series of free English video lessons.

Balanced English Learning – Video

Many English learners have similar problems, and say the same things: “I’ve been studying for years, but I still can’t speak fluently!” “How can I remember vocabulary?” “How do I stop translating in my head?”
In this video, we’ll talk about what it means to learn English, why so many learners have these problems, and what you can do to learn more effectively.

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How to Make an IELTS Study Plan – Video

In this lesson, you’ll see how to make an IELTS study plan to prepare for the IELTS exam.

You’ll see a six-step plan which anyone can follow. You’ll learn how to prepare for the different parts of the IELTS exam, and you’ll also see useful books and resources to make your IELTS preparation easier and more effective.

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6 Things to Stop Saying to Learn English – Video

In this lesson, you’ll see six things we often hear from English learners we meet. We see them in YouTube comments. We hear them in classes.
Do you want to learn English and make faster progress? Of course you do! Learn 6 things to stop saying to learn English and improve!

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Improve English Study Habits – Video

Here’s a question: do you want to improve your English vocabulary, or learn to understand native speakers better? Of course you do!
In this lesson, you’ll see a study technique which can help improve English study habits and help you to learn English more efficiently. Make real, deep progress over time. You’ll see a mistake which many English learners make, and how you can avoid it.

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Improve Your Motivation to Study English – Video

In this lesson, we’re going to talk about motivation in English learning. You’re going to hear some tips for how to manage your motivation and get better results from your English studies.
Do you find it difficult to stay motivated to study English? How can you deal with feelings of low motivation? You’re not alone, and there are some specific and practical steps you can take to boost your motivation and make faster progress in English.

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