Spoken English Lessons

Improve your conversational English with this series of free online English lessons. Learn how to speak English fluently, naturally and confidently!

Talking About Your Vacation – Video Lesson

In this lesson, you can learn how to talk about your vacation. Talking about your vacation and holiday is a great way to improve your English conversation.

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Talking About Sports in English – Video Lesson

Learn how to talk about sports in English in this video lesson. You’ll learn how to talk about sport in clear, natural and detailed English.

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Speak English With Confidence – Video Lesson

Learn to speak English with confidence in this lesson. Do you feel shy or nervous speaking English? Learn to sound and feel more confident in your English!

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Talk About Your Studies in English – Video Lesson

Learn how to talk about your studies in English in this lesson. You can see how to describe your school or university studies in clear, natural English.

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How to Use Sarcasm in English – Video Lesson

Do you know what sarcasm is, and how to use it? In this lesson, you’ll see some useful words and phrases which will help you to use sarcasm in English!

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