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Improve your conversational English with this series of free online spoken English lessons from Oxford Online English. Learn how to speak English fluently, naturally and confidently! Enjoy browsing through these Oxford Online English archives.

Talk about Online Shopping – Video

In this lesson, you can learn how to talk about online shopping.
What was the last thing you bought online? What are the best online shopping websites, in your opinion? Have you ever had a really good – or bad – experience when shopping online? You’ll learn some useful language to talk about these topics and answer these questions in this lesson.

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Ways to Disagree – Level Up Your English – Video

If you don’t agree, how can you express this? Of course, you can say ‘I don’t agree’, but what if you want to be more direct, or more diplomatic, or if you aren’t sure? Even for simple language, like disagreeing, there’s a lot of different language you can use.
In this lesson, you’ll learn a wide range of vocabulary to express disagreement naturally and appropriately.

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Ways to Say Sorry – Level Up Your English – Video

How many ways to say sorry do you know? I’ve got another question: have you ever forgotten your best friend’s birthday, or been late for an important meeting?
Have you ever been late for an important meeting, or spilt coffee on a friend’s shirt?
What connects all these situations?
They’re all situations where you might need to apologise. If so, what would you say? Of course, to apologise, you can just say ‘I’m sorry’, but there’s much more language that native-level English speakers use to apologise and express how they feel.
In this lesson, you’ll learn useful ways to say sorry in different ways in different situations.

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Taking Turns in English Conversations – Video

In this lesson, you’ll learn about an important skill: taking turns in conversation. You’ll learn how to show others that you have something to say, how to interrupt others politely, and how to show that you’ve finished speaking – or not.
These skills will help you sound more natural in conversations; these skills are also important for English exams, such as IELTS.

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Giving and Receiving Feedback – Business English Video

In this lesson, you can learn how to give and respond to feedback in a professional environment.
You’ll see different ways to give positive or negative feedback, and how to give negative feedback in a more direct or indirect way.

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