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Ways to Say “I don’t know” – Level Up Your English – Video

How can you say ‘I don’t know’ in English?
Of course, you can just say ‘I don’t know.’ But, fluent English speakers use many different words and phrases, even for simple ideas like this. This video is part of our ‘level up’ series. Are you bored of using the same phrases again and again? Do you want to use a wider range of language in everyday conversations? This lesson will help! Don’t forget to check out other videos in our ‘level up’ series, too.

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Business English Phrases and Idioms – Video

In this lesson, you can learn some common vocabulary, phrases and idioms for office life. This class will help you understand English speakers at work and use a wider range of English vocabulary in your office conversations.

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24 Phrasal Verbs for Business – Video

In this lesson you can learn several business English phrasal verbs. Although you’ll see these phrasal verbs in a business context, you can also use many of them in everyday life. See examples using these phrasal verbs for business in conversation and get tips to help you remember them.

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Making Suggestions in English – Video

In this lesson, you can learn how to make and accept suggestions in English, using the right phrases and vocabulary. You’ll also see how to reject someone else’s suggestion politely.
Making suggestions in English is useful for your everyday English conversation. In social situations, being able to make, accept and reject suggestions politely is important!

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Talking About Crime and Court in English – Video

In this lesson, you can learn to talk about crime and court in English. You’ll learn vocabulary you can use to talk about crime, criminals and the justice system in English.

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