English Pronunciation Lessons

Improve your English pronunciation with this series of free video lessons. Learn about English sounds, stress, weak forms and other topics which will help you to speak English fluently and naturally.

Silent Letters – Video

Learn about silent letters in English with this pronunciation lesson. Improve your English pronunciation and spelling by learning how to find and pronounce silent letters in a word.

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British and American Pronunciation – Video

Learn about the differences between British and American pronunciation, and see how to pronounce words like a British or American native speaker.

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How to Pronounce Difficult Words in English – Video

Learn to pronounce difficult English words in this free video lesson. You’ll see how to pronounce ‘world’, ‘rural’, ‘fifth’ and other difficult words.

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Syllables and Word Stress – English Pronunciation Lesson

In this class, you can learn about syllables and word stress in English. See how to count syllables and pronounce English with the correct word stress.

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English Sounds and Spelling – Video

In this lesson, you’ll learn about English pronunciation and English spelling. You can see the difference between how you write a word and how you say a word.

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