English Grammar Lessons

Learn more about English grammar with this series of free video lessons. You can study a range of topics, from simple grammar for beginners to more advanced language points. Enjoy browsing through these Oxford Online English archives.

Articles in English – 5 Levels – Video

In this lesson, you can test your ability to use articles: ‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘the’.
When should – and shouldn’t – you use ‘the’? What’s the difference between ‘a/an’ and ‘the’? How can you remember the rules and exceptions? You’ll see how to deal with these questions in this lesson.

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Present Perfect Tenses: Simple vs. Continuous – Video

In this lesson, you can learn about the present perfect simple and present perfect continuous verb forms.
What’s the difference between ‘I have done’ and ‘I have been doing?’ When should you use the present perfect continuous? You’ll see the answers to these questions in this class.

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Adjectives and Adverbs – 5 Levels – Video

In this lesson, you can learn about using adjectives and adverbs in English. You’ll see how to use different types of adjectives or adverbs in an English sentence.
You can learn about word order and sentence structure with adjectives and adverbs, different types of adjectives and adverbs, and you’ll also see some confusing adjectives and adverbs that lead to common English mistakes.

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How to Use the Prepositions At, On and In – Video

In this lesson, you can learn how to use the prepositions ‘at’, ‘on’ and ‘in’ to talk about where something is.
You’ll see different ways to use the prepositions ‘in’, ‘on’ and ‘at’, with examples, different meanings, and common exceptions to the rules.

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Conditional Sentences – 5 Levels – Video

In this lesson, you can learn about conditional sentences.
Conditional sentences are sentences with the word ‘if’. You can use conditional sentences to talk about many different situations. There are also sentences which don’t use the word ‘if’, but which follow similar rules.

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