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Buying A New Phone – Listening Lesson

by Oli Redman on September 17, 2014 , No comments

What kind of phone do you have? Do you buy a new mobile phone often? In this free English listening lesson, you can learn useful English words and phrases to talk about mobile phones and their features.

Woman: Hello sir, is there anything I can help you with?

Man: Um, yeah, I was just looking at phones.

Woman: What kind of features were you looking for1?

Man: I want a touchscreen smart phone, with a high-res2 screen.

Woman: What do you think of this one?

Man: Looks nice. How’s the battery life3?

Woman: It depends how you use it. It lasts from one to three days.

Man: Hmmm, OK, I think I’ll take it.

Woman: Do you just want the handset4, or do you need a contract5 with it? If you take out a contract, you only pay £50 for the phone.

Man: I don’t really want a contract, but I would like a pay-as-you-go SIM card6. Do you have any?

Woman: Yes. The card’s free, but you have to buy £10 credit.

Man: OK, that’s fine.

Woman: Also, with this deal, if you top up7 every month, you get 50 free minutes and 100 texts.

Man: Sounds good. Where do I pay?

Woman: Right this way, please.

  1. Past continuous makes the question more polite
  2. High-res = high resolution, meaning a very clear screen that can fit many things on at the same time
  3. Battery life = how long the battery can last without needing to be recharged
  4. Handset = a mobile phone
  5. Contract = a deal you sign with a phone company to pay every month
  6. Pay-as-you-go = a deal with the phone company where you add money to your phone as you need it
  7. Top up = add money to your phone

Correct the mistakes in the sentences

  1. Can I top off my phone here?
  2. This laptop has an excellent battery live.
  3. If you don’t use your phone often, it’s better to buy a pay-as-you-call SIM.
  4. This high-revolution screen is amazing – so bright and clear!
  5. My phone’s out of battery – I need to top it up.

Can you complete the sentences with one word?

  1. A screen which you can use to control a computer or a phone is a ___________.
  2. If you pay a fixed amount every month to use your mobile phone, you have a ___________.
  3. When you top up your phone, you buy phone ___________.
  4. This plan includes 100 free __________ a month.
  5. Before you buy a new phone, you should think about which __________ are important to you.
  1. top off top up
  2. battery live battery life
  3. pay-as-you-call pay-as-you-go
  4. high-revolution high-resolution
  5. top it up recharge it
  6. touchscreen
  7. contract
  8. credit
  9. minutes/texts
  10. features
Oli RedmanBuying A New Phone – Listening Lesson

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