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Arguing About Music – Listening Lesson

by Oli Redman on September 10, 2014 , No comments

What kind of music do you like and dislike? Can you say why you like a piece of music? In this free Oxford Online English listening lesson, listen to two people with very different tastes arguing about what to listen to. You can learn some new words and phrases for talking about music in English.

Woman: Argh! What is this noise?

Man: It’s some new music I got.

Woman: It sounds like a hundred cats fighting. How can you listen to this crap1?

Man: It just takes time to get into it2. I didn’t like it at first, but it grew on me3.

Woman: I’m not sure I have the time for that. Can’t we put something better on4?

Man: Like what? You only listen to cheesy5 music. That sounds just as bad to me as this does to you.

Woman: I just like to listen to something I can sing along to6. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Man: That stuff all sounds the same to me.

Woman: Well, I really can’t stand7 it any longer. Put something else on, or turn it off.

Man: Fine, I’ll use headphones.

Woman: Why don’t you just play something we both like? I liked that music you were playing last night. What was it? It sounded nice and summery8.

Man: Oh yeah… I’ve forgotten. Some sort of reggae. Anyway, I’m not in the mood for that right now. I’ll just listen with headphones.

Woman: But then we can’t talk to each other…

Man: Eurrrgh…

  1. How can you listen to this crap? = The woman is expressing strong dislike of the man’s music.
  2. If you get into something you become interested in it.
  3. It grew on me = I didn’t like it at first, but then I liked it more as I listened to it more.
  4. Put on = play some music. You can also put on a film.
  5. Cheesy = low quality, predictable and/or annoying.
  6. If you sing along to a song, you sing the words while it is playing.
  7. I can’t stand it = I refuse to listen to this, I won’t listen to it any more.
  8. Summery = making you think of summer.

Complete the sentences with one word

  1. This sounds as bad _____ the music you played last week.
  2. I sing _____ to the radio when I’m driving.
  3. Don’t _____ on the TV if you’re not going to watch it.
  4. I’m not in the _____ to talk about this right now.
  5. Can’t we put something _____ on?

Do these sentences express positive, negative or neutral feelings?

  1. How much did you pay for this crap?
  2. I didn’t like it the first time, but it’s growing on me.
  3. This song’s really cheesy.
  4. All your music sounds the same to me.
  5. His latest song has a very summery sound.
  1. as
  2. along
  3. put/turn
  4. mood
  5. else
  6. negative—crap is always bad
  7. positive—if something’s growing on you, it means you like it
  8. negative—cheesy is generally a negative adjective
  9. negative
  10. neutral
Oli RedmanArguing About Music – Listening Lesson

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