Need some help using our website? You’re in the right place!

I can’t use PayPal – is there another way to pay?


Yes. You can pay by bank transfer – contact us for details. If you have a friend who can use PayPal, you could also ask them to make the payment for you.


Can I pay through Western Union?


Unfortunately, we can’t take payments through Western Union.


I tried to pay through PayPal, but my card doesn’t work.


Many banks block any card payments in another country or in another currency. If you call your bank and explain what you want to do, they will unblock your card, so it will work correctly.


Can I get a discount?


We offer packages and monthly deals which are cheaper than pay-as-you-go prices. We sometimes give further discounts, but only in certain cases. If you are serious about studying with us, but you can’t afford to pay the full price, we can be flexible. However, you will need to take at least one class at full price, and also explain why you should get a discount.

I booked a class at the wrong time – can I change it?


No problem – contact us and tell us, and we can change it.


I tried to book a class, but there weren’t any classes available.


Maybe the teacher you selected isn’t working on that day. Try another day, or another teacher.


I tried to book a class, but I didn’t finish the booking, and now the time I want isn’t available.


Wait two minutes and try again. When you book a class, we need to make the class unavailable, so that two people can’t book the same class at the same time. If you don’t complete the booking, the class will be blocked for two minutes, and then will appear as available again.


I clicked on the PayPal button, but nothing happened.


Our booking/payment system has been tested in the following browsers: IE 10, IE 11, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari. If you are using a different browser, or an older version of one of these browsers, we cannot guarantee that the booking/payment system will work.

You also need to set your browser to accept 3rd party cookies, so that PayPal can set cookies on your computer. Otherwise, the payment system will not work (you will see an empty white box).


I booked a class and paid through PayPal, but the class does not show up under ‘My Classes’.


To complete the booking, you need to click the ‘close’ button inside the PayPal window. If you don’t, the booking will be registered, but it will not show up under ‘My Classes’. You don’t need to worry about this – if the payment is successful, we will see it and your class will be booked.


My card doesn’t work in PayPal.


We don’t deal with payments – PayPal handle your payment and card details. If your card doesn’t work, you should first call your bank – some banks automatically block payments in another country or currency.

How long will it take me to learn to…?


This is the number one question we hear, and the answer is, “It depends.” It depends on:

  • What you want to learn
  • How often you study
  • How hard you study
  • How good your English is now
  • What kind of learner you are (not everybody learns at the same speed)

…and many other things.

On average, most students start to feel some progress within 2-3 months; they notice they can do things they couldn’t do before. However, everybody is different, and we don’t want to make promises we can’t keep. We suggest you focus on goals, rather than how long it will take. If you need to improve your spoken English, then we will help you to do that. It might take more time; it might take less time; the important thing is that you reach your goal.


How many classes should I take per week?


Again, the answer is, “It depends.”

If you want to study something simple, or just practise something which you already know a lot about, 30-60 minutes a week could be enough.

If you want to improve your general English skills and study new topics, 2-3 hours per week is a good amount.

If you want to make the fastest possible progress, then 4-5 hours a week will help you to learn and make progress quickly.

You should also make time for self-study and review between lessons. For every hour you study with your teacher, try to spend at least an hour studying by yourself. This will help you to remember what you have learned, and use it correctly.


Can we do … in my lessons?


Yes! Our lessons are flexible and personalised. Tell us what you want and we will arrange it for you.

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