English Grammar Lessons

Learn more about English grammar with this series of free video lessons. You can study a range of topics, from simple grammar for beginners to more advanced language points.

How to Use ‘Should’, ‘Ought to’, ‘Supposed to’ and ‘Had Better’

Learn how to use ‘should’, ‘ought to’, ‘supposed to’ and ‘had better’ in this video lesson. You’ll see what these verbs mean and how to use them.

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Plural Nouns – Beginner Video Lesson

Learn about plurals in English in this video lesson. You can learn about different rules for making and spelling plural nouns in English.

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Reported Speech – Video Lesson

Learn about reported speech in English. You can learn how to use reported speech and how to change verb tenses in English reported speech in this lesson.

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Using Auxiliary Verbs for Emphasis – Video Lesson

Learn to use different auxiliary verbs (like ‘do’ or ‘will’) to add emphasis to what you say in English. Learn about emphasis and how you can use it.

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How to Use ‘s in English – Beginner Video Lesson

What does ‘s mean in English? When you see ‘s in English, it can have different meanings. Learn more about how to use ‘s in this video lesson.

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