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Oli Redman

It’s a great feeling to help other people learn and it’s always interesting because there’s always something new to learn.


Carly Roberts

Academic writing is my specialism, and during our lessons, my students learned how to structure essays properly, and also fell in love with the writing process.


Johan Nayar

As a teacher I have a relaxed but focused style and I believe in creating a space of trust where learning can take place.


Jack Chiu

We’ll work together to combine your interests and goals so that learning English becomes a fun and rewarding journey. Looking forward to helping you get fluent!


Niamh Aspell

I like to base my classes on topics that interest you. It's more interesting for everyone if the lesson isn't just from a book!


Gina Mares

I will give you examples you can understand and feedback you can use. I look forward to seeing you in a lesson!

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Who Are We? – About Oxford Online English

I worked for seven years as a teacher of English, had a great time and met some amazing people. However, although I loved the work, some things started to bother me about some of the places I worked for.

They were run by businesspeople, who knew nothing about teaching or languages.
They were only interested in taking money from students, not in giving people quality education.
They hired teachers with no skills at all. Sometimes I saw “teachers” who couldn’t even spell in English.
You might be thinking: “You should have worked for a better school.” Well, I worked for some of the biggest, most expensive, most famous language schools in the world! After some time, I felt frustrated that students weren’t making the progress they deserved, and there was little I could do about it.

So I decided to start my own online English school—Oxford Online English.

Have you ever been taught by a really amazing teacher? The kind of teacher who made you see things in a new way, or who made a difficult subject seem easy? We all know those teachers can be hard to find. So my idea is: why not have a school where every teacher is a great teacher? Why can’t every lesson be a great lesson? That is my vision for Oxford Online English.

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