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The teacher helped me to feel more comfortable speaking English. In the past I always felt nervous speaking out.
Ahmed, Bradford, UK

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Who Are We? – About Oxford Online English

I worked for seven years as a teacher of English, had a great time and met some amazing people. However, although I loved the work, some things started to bother me about some of the places I worked for.

  • They were run by businesspeople, who knew nothing about teaching or languages.
  • They were only interested in taking money from students, not in giving people quality education.
  • They hired teachers with no skills at all. Sometimes I saw “teachers” who couldn’t even spell in English.

You might be thinking: “You should have worked for a better school.” Well, I worked for some of the biggest, most expensive, most famous language schools in the world! After some time, I felt frustrated that students weren’t making the progress they deserved, and there was little I could do about it.

So I decided to start my own online English school—Oxford Online English.

Have you ever been taught by a really amazing teacher? The kind of teacher who made you see things in a new way, or who made a difficult subject seem easy? We all know those teachers can be hard to find. So my idea is: why not have a school where every teacher is a great teacher? Why can’t every lesson be a great lesson? That is my vision for Oxford Online English.